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Find Me in Paris (season 1)

1,483 views Comments (0)


26 episodes

Lena is still very young, but already attending ballet classes at one of the best schools in Paris. The girl looks very capable and self-assured student, who already knows what she expects in the learning process. True, absolutely no one knows about her terrible secret: in fact, Lena arrived from another time. Her journey ended in the fact that she was in the early 21st century, although the heroine herself is from the beginning of the century. Her young man, Henry, who remained in her time, tries with all her might to return his beloved home. Meanwhile, Lena gets used to the realities of modern Paris, visiting one of the most elite schools in the city and taking a great interest in ballet.


Doctor Who (season 11)

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2 episodes

The next – the eleventh in a row, the cult of the British adventure series “Doctor Who”, whose main character is a time traveler. This time, he goes to investigate a series of mysterious phenomena – mysterious disappearances of employees at the research station, rumors of the appearance of dinosaurs, a rapidly developing fatal disease and much more. The doctor manages to find out that the reason for this is a temporary funnel.


Pete the Cat (season 1)

330 views Comments (0)

Pete the Cat

8 episodes

The new animated series “Pete the Cat” will tell you about how on one New Year’s Eve, Pete the cat decided to make a Decision, but he does not even know what it is. When our main hero goes together with his friends and his family go to an amusing, musical trip, he is sure that he will understand and find it – the Decision. Time is going on, but the Decision has not been found yet!


Chesapeake Shores (season 3)

1,676 views Comments (0)

Chesapeake Shores

10 episodes

The Brian family is at the center of the narrative of the series “Chesapeake Shores”. The main character is Mick. He works as an architect. Under his sensitive guidance and on his clever drawings, numerous cities and districts were built. There was a time when Mick dreamed of getting away from worldly worries and settling somewhere on the beach. That is why the main character founded a commune on the peaceful shore of the Chesapeake Bay. The main character continues to work hard, despite the fact that personal life does not develop. His wife left him, and the children have already grown up and started their lives. Who would have thought that there are still a lot of personal dramas ahead of the main character to be moved either with loved ones, walking hand in hand, or alone, trying to understand feelings, emotions and personal preferences.


Christopher Robin (2018)

294 views Comments (0)

Christopher Robin

This story is about what happened when Christopher Robin grew up, he had a family and an important, “scary” responsible job. And then suddenly he had to help the talking toys again, as in childhood. Christopher Robin, as a child, had friends not like everyone else. But as is always the case, in childhood we firmly believe that we will remember and appreciate everything that we knew then and take with us into adulthood. But he, it seems, is not the same. The movie “Christopher Robin” is not for children, but for parents who often forget about the most important thing in life – the family.

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

Count Dracula and company participate in a cruise for sea-loving monsters, unaware that their boat is being commandeered by the monster-hating Van Helsing family. (more…)


Incredibles 2 (2018)

1,186 views Comments (0)

Incredibles 2

The plot of the new cartoon “Icredibles 2″ is about a family with super abilities who are trying to regain their rights to help people. After all, a law has been passed prohibiting people with the ability to use their uniqueness and to live a simple life. Again, the Parr family is before us, and again they demonstrate their exceptional abilities. But, as expected, a significant amount of attention this time is given to the youngest child in the family. A red thread is the heroic theme. The problems of superheroes are still the same. They have to prove their right to exist. But to do this, alas, is not easy, because the Superhero program is set.


Show Dogs (2018)

410 views Comments (0)

Show Dogs

All the action of the movie “Show Dogs” is told on behalf of the police dog. Throughout the movie, the viewer hears the thoughts and conversations of all the dogs, but the dogs themselves do not speak according to the script. This is a story about the investigation of the case of “smugglers”, which occurs at the dog show, well, the main character of the dog Max, have to participate in this exhibition. The investigation is conducted by the man-policeman and dog Max.


The Butterfly Tree (2017)

876 views Comments (0)


Evelyn, an ex-burlesque queen, bewitches single dad Al and his teenage son Fin with her zest for life. When father and son discover they are competing for the affections of the same woman, it reopens old wounds over the death of… (more…)


Duck Duck Goose (2018)

2,200 views Comments (0)


The main character of the cartoon “Duck Duck Goose” – a narcissistic and arrogant goose Pam, who had to become a dad-mom for two ducklings. But most importantly, he is a loner, and everything that relates to the team is alien to him, he believes that he himself can cope with all difficulties until he falls into a situation that radically changes his life. In the process of action, Pam from the egoist gradually turns into an ideal family man. Yes, the main theme of the cartoon for family viewing is the realization of the importance of the close environment, the family.